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General Manager - After Sales / Automotive Closed

Confidential - A regional Automotive Company with operations in Iraq , Jordan and UAE Iraq


Our Client , A regional Automotive Company with operations in Iraq , Jordan and UAE is looking for GM – After Sales to be based in Baghdad – Iraq


Salary and benefits

• Very competitive package as salary USD. The salary includes bonuses and allowances, including a housing allowance.

• Annual bonus: according to the company's system.

• Car: A car is insured by the company, according to the applicable system.


Job requirements:

• Academic qualification: Bachelor's degree in mechanical or electrical engineering or its equivalent, preference is given to holders of master's degrees.

• Experience: 15 years of experience in after-sales service departments, of which at least 3-5 years are in the position of general manager.

• Courses: advanced leadership, strategic planning, administrative structure, budgets, marketing, finance, financing.

• Languages: Arabic is the mother tongue, and English is fluent.


Job Scope:

• Developing the work environment: The work environment is mainly shaped by the standards set by the general manager; Therefore, he must raise the standards that determine the level of the company, despite the internal and external challenges that the company faces.

• Strategic vision: Obliging all employees at different job levels and grades in the company to follow the established strategy to bring the company to the level agreed upon with the Board of Directors, by leading their efforts towards success.

• Organizing resources: Focusing on projects and activities that create more competitive advantages, or at least on efforts that will improve and develop the advantages that the company already possesses.

Organizing the structure

Organizing the organizational structure: searching for the simplest ways to achieve goals, which means fewer administrative layers, more work and responsibilities, which leads to increased flexibility and speed in doing business, supporting his subordinates in participating in building the company, and not reluctant to participate directly in solving core problems regardless of Regardless of the way things are managed according to the company's organizational structure.

• Supporting outstanding employees: Supporting and developing talented employees quickly and keeping them motivated; Because it has a significant impact on supporting and enhancing performance in institutions, so the general manager must follow best practices to motivate employees; Such as direct interest in the performance and evaluation of employees who have the potential for development and giving them tasks that develop their capabilities. Supervision and follow-up: The general manager must supervise the progress of operations in the organization and follow up on their implementation, as this helps him to develop appropriate plans for work, anticipate appropriate challenges and opportunities for the organization and deal with them firmly


Main functions (but not limited to):

• Preparing strategic plans and annual goals for the company and discussing them with the Board of Directors.

• Approving and setting budgets, discussing them with the Board of Directors, monitoring expenses, and submitting monthly reports to the Board of Directors.

• Preparing and submitting periodic reports to the Board of Directors and discussing them.

• Direct responsibility for following up the performance of the main managers in the company.

• Developing solutions to the problems facing the company, for example, but not limited to; Low profits, internal and external conflicts, and business decline in front of competitors.

• Ensure the development of programmes, tactical plans, policies and procedures.

• Ensure and ensure that the company's vehicles, after-sales service, and goods (spare parts) reach customers with the best quality.

• Evaluate investments to achieve the best returns.

• Directing the employee evaluation process in line with achieving the company's strategy.

• Monitoring and evaluating the practical and financial performance of the company and working on applying the policy of continuous improvement.

• Follow up the marketing department with guidance and participate in the preparation of activities aimed at attracting customers.

• Putting public safety and occupational health at the top of priorities, in a way that ensures the creation of a distinguished work environment that distinguishes the company from its competitors