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Factory Manager Closed

Our Client , a leading Business Group of Companies Tunisia

Plant Manager,

Our Client , a leading  Business Group of Companies , is looking for Factory Manager for their Premix – Animal Feed Factory in Tunisia

Reports in GM

 Purpose of the Role :

Planning, organizing, directing and managing all manufacturing and maintenance operations, and efficient use of manpower, equipment, facilities and materials to achieve the company's objectives, and work to ensure product standards through the implementation of manufacturing strategies and action plans, and work to reduce costs as needed, with the need to use new technologies and training of labor And contribute to the continuous improvement of the product to achieve the interests and objectives of the company

Requirements :

  1. Bachelor of Industrial Engineering or equivalent
  2. At least five years experience in a similar field
  3. Proficiency in Arabic and English
  4. Knowledge of industry legislation and related technical terms  .
  5. Knowledge of Policies that govern the work in the company
  6. Knowledge of Labor law and legislation governing the workforce.
  7. Strategic planning.
  8. Marketing strategies .

Strategic Tasks :

  • Develop strategic plans and policies which lead to improve productivity of the plant as well as product development
  • Monitoring the overall performance of the Plant.
  • Preparing  the Financial plan in coordination with Financial Department
  • Delegate tasks to Factory Staff

Technical and operational Tasks :

  • Implement top management instructions .
  • Identify and analyze the root causes of problems and obstacles, and take corrective action decisions.
  • Create and Implement machine maintenance and standard Operating procedures.
    • Ensure the amplmentation of quality systems and continuous improvement in the factory in order to  increase customer expectations

•Ensure the application and development of occupational safety and health procedures, secure their requirements and adopt rescue, evacuation and first aid plans in cooperation with the concerned departments.

  • Supervise the follow-up of the various supplies and make sure to examine the raw materials received, and compliance with the required specifications and evaluate the performance of suppliers
  • Implement and follow-up of short and long-term operational plans .
  • Oversee and evaluate suppliers.
  • Follow up Finaical report related to Budget , sales , Expenses , account receivable 
  • Supervising equipment and devices continuously to raise the production capacity of the factory, and develop advanced plans to increase production according to quality standards

Managerial Tasks :

  • Meeting with head of Depatments to follow up the work progress and discuss updates to take appropriate actions.
  • Prepare reports to the company manager
  • Oversee the development of existing and new employee, identify training needs and evaluate training results.
  • Hire new staff.
  • Follow up Employee’s leaves , vaction, retirtment in coordination with the Human Resources Department
  • Evaluation of Employee
  • Appointing a deputy in case of his absence, if necessary

Perform any other duties assigned by Company manger.